Touch your sacred center to feel how la matriz connects with every aspect of your life. Liberate your body by nurturing your matriz. Let go and heal your wounds by renewing your womb center. Only then can you reclaim your womb vitality and master your sensual energy so you can finally live your best life. Find out which offering is best for you and your womb.

Indigescuela: Come home to your ancestral body of knowledge


We Teach You

  • Traditional Postpartum Care
  • Self Womb Care 
  • Wellness through traditional gastronomy
  • Mexican Traditional Medicine
  • Decolonial Herbalism
  • Conscious Business  
  • How to decolonize by shining + thriving

Which Course is Meant For Me?

M+C is a three month course designed to give you everything you need to connect to the power your matriz, which results in huge transformation in your body, life, + lineage. If you’re interested in reclaiming traditional ways of wellness as a tool for sovereignty + collective liberation, then M+C is for you. M+C connects you with your inner PODER, so you can CREATE your ultimate life. If you know it’s time you invest in your matriz, then DO NOT sleep on this. M+C is an Indigescuela best seller + our most requested course. Matriz y Concha opens on: DATE. Click this link to sign up to my waitlist for a homie discount, plus exclusive bonuses, just for taking the first step.

Join the movement to revive la Cuarentena through postpartum bodywork, herbalism, healing foods, Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM), + more. Cultivate professional skills, deepen your postpartum knowledge, + provide competent, time-tested support to birthing folks, babies, + familias. A Cerrar las Caderas (ACLC) cultivates comunidad, holistic education, self-sustainability, + crucial resources to the growing number of Indigenous midwives + birth keepers worldwide. Our network of practitioners helps secure healthy experiences for birthing folks, babies, + families who make up a vital part of our communities. Imagine what it looks like for Indigenous babies to be born in love, intention, and ancestral healing. ACLC opens on: DATE

Click this link to sign up to my waitlist for a homie discount, plus exclusive bonuses, just for taking the first step. 

Achieve sovereignty without burning out or selling out, by migrating tus healing hands online. ✨Embodied Enterprise✨ is a  LIVE experience that helps BIPOC healers achieve SOVEREIGNTY in their lives, without burning out, by showing you how to create your most TRANSFORMATIVE online offering in only 12-weeks. Whether you’re a noob or a PRO at the internet, I show you how to breathe life into your BEST online course, so that you have more time + energy for INFUSING your ESSENCE into your online offering- which is what really matters most. During ✨EE✨I coach you to develop your capacity + become WHO you’re meant to be, so that TOGETHER, we RECLAIM access to the resources we need + DESIRE for WELLNESS, peace of mind, + success. Be a living example of  HEALING MONEY TRAUMA, REDEFINING SUCCESS + RE-INDIGENIZING BUSINESS. DO👏🏾THE 👏🏾WORK👏🏾 you’re meant to do, so that you can help others TRANSFORM while you leave behind a legacy of self-determination. 

EE opens on: DATE

Click this link to sign up to my waitlist for a homie discount, plus exclusive bonuses, just for taking the first step. 

Matriz Caida

If you’re new to womb wellness + unsure how much time, energy, + money you can invest in your matriz, then this is the place to start. Matriz Caida (dropped womb) helps women + folks with uteruses use the creative, nurturing, + protective force of your matriz to bring abundance, joy, + healing to your body + life. You’ll learn the abdominal spiral with a moving womb clearing meditation, traditional foods for feminine health, and be introduced to herbal allies for women. Learn about the power of the matriz sagrada, the detrimental effects of la matriz caida (dropped womb), and how to recognize whether or not you’re manifesting from your self-renewing womb space.

Matriz Caida is OPEN for enrollment! Get LIFETIME ACCESS by CLICKING HERE.

Indigebusiness Kinship Circle (IKC)

If you want to ASCEND into a whole other realm of THRIVING, while being true to yourself, finding balance in your LIFE + business, all while tapping into your inner empress boss-bitch, then JOIN my monthly mentorship program: The Indigebusiness Kinship Circle! When you join 🔥IKC🔥, you’ll have access to a LIVE monthly call, where I’ll share my expertise + insight as a conscious healer-entrepreneur of 18 years. You get to participate in a private masterclass, LIVE Q+A, plus you keep the replay for each + every monthly platica, for as long as you’re subscribed. 

Click this link to join your kin, who call IKC the program that gets to the root of deep topics while healing intergenerational trauma. 


Wondering what else I got? For a complete list of what you can learn, visit my online school,

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Workshop descriptions

Indigemama Workshops provide you with hands on tools, inspiration, + in person, high-touch guidance that you need to reclaim ancestral healing in your body + life, so that we can collectively rebuild our traditional ways of wellness + wealth.

Covid Message

Due to world events, Indigemama has chosen to discontinue all in-person training and services until further notice. It is our responsibility to mitigate risks for students, instructors, our beloved familias, elders, and high-risk folks. Join our online school at Indigescuela, so you can stay growing + thriving!

We have free, sliding scale, and donation-based classes all year round. If you have resources to share during this uncertain time, consider donating to our Todo Para Todxs Scholarship Fund.

Join my inner circle, and I’ll let you know as soon as we get back to in-person events.




Traditional Mesoamerican bodywork focused on sexual, reproductive, + womb wellness, so that you can experience what it’s like to SHINE from the inside out.

Birth + Postpartum

Traditional Birth Keeping during pregnancy, birth, + postpartum, so that you’re held + healed while getting the nurturing experience you + your baby deserve.

I’m ready to reclaim my matriz + join Indigescuela!


Indigebusiness Coaching (online only)

1:1 Indigebusiness coaching

Work through blocks that are preventing self-sustainability + ease. Make space in your conscious business for freedom and community upliftment.

Keynote Speeches + Interviews

Please download my media kit HERE and email [email protected] for details.

Work with me in person

Sobadas de Matriz (Womb/Visceral Manipulation)

Indigemama Sobadas renew your whole being, and supercharge your sexual vitality. Sobadas are a traditional Mesoamerican remedio for infertility, painful periods, back bain, hip pain, PMS, bloating, and indigestion.

Traditional Birthwork

I honor la cuarentena with you y tu familia through providing the ritual closing of hips, vaginal steaming, rebozo body work, traditional healing foods, and sipping on postpartum tea for 40 days.

Indigemama Products

Coming soon!

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