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¡A Cerrar las Caderas!
MTM for Postpartum

Become a traditional postpartum birth worker!  Enhance your professional skills, deepen your knowledge about postpartum recovery, and use your understanding of Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) to support families during the crucial 40-day period, or cuarentena. Students have instant access to the A Cerrar las Caderas (ACLC) training manual, online videos, and self-study supplements upon enrollment. This online apprenticeship is offered wherever you are. We meet monthly via distance, for nine months of online mentorship, support, check-ins, and community building (please see dates at indigescuela.com).  Participants are added to our exclusive online forum for additional resources, guidance, accountability, and inspiration.

Our 9 modules progressively delve deeper into learning about yerbas, traditional foods, ancestral bodywork, your womb, and your professional practice as a postpartum practitioner serving Indigenous and POC communities.  By culmination, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, support, and community base to launch your own practice as an ACLC Postpartum Practitioner.

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I recently purchased the online self womb massage course, Sobadas from Indigemama.
I’m pleased to have this informative package in my arsenal for self-healing and exploration. Thank you, Indigemama!
~ Odessa Thornhill, ND. Montreal, Canada.