Touch your womb.

Discover how your relationship to your matriz directly affects your life.  Create a plan of action to forge a path in alignment with your mission. Master your sensual energy, use it to release harm and reclaim your womb vitality.

La Sobada (Womb Massage)

Indigemama Womb Massage (sobada) renews your womb center, and supports your feminine vitality. Each Indigemama sobada includes a uterine, bladder and ovarian adjustment, fallopian tube clearing, abdominal massage, and a pelvic floor and diaphragmatic release. You’ll be guided into deep meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, and learn the basics of using your womb’s energy to heal itself. Indigemama Sobada clients will be offered a limpia, energetic womb clearing and spiritual guidance. You will be given personalized strategies for achieving complete womb wellness. Each healing session is tailored to your needs. For all genders and ages. Includes a complete client intake with womb history, and a 15-minute follow-up phone call.

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Matriz Fertil

Work through blocks that are preventing conception and make space in your life, womb, and relationship for your new baby. Cultivate fertility in your reproductive system using traditional foods, Indigemama womb massage, fertility herbs, supplements, energy work, and meditation. Geared towards women experiencing fertility complications.

$196 in person OR $80 Distance (phone or Skype).

Conscious Conception

Call in the spirit of your baby. Know her/him before she/he enters your body. Prepare your whole being, starting with a nutritive cleanse; nourishing foods; metaphysical and physical deep healing techniques; holistic fertility awareness; herbs; and strengthening uterine sobadas (fertility womb massage). Geared toward women who are not experiencing fertility difficulties, but are making the conscious choice to conceive. Begin program six months before conception.

$196.00 OR 6 session package for $135

40-Day Sobada y Cerrada

Ritual closing of hips; vaginal steam, guided meditation; counseling; womb recovery tea; for one session.  Includes a complete client intake and 15-minute phone call, plus one distance follow-up, and your own Indigemama Postpartum guide (PDF) to continue your postpartum care at home. Scheduled on or shortly after the 40th day postpartum (for live births, miscarriages, abortions).

$400 – LA/OC, approx. 4 hours

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*Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to session or you will be charged in full.