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Matriz Fertil

Work through blocks that are preventing conception and make space in your life, womb, and relationship for your new baby. Cultivate fertility in your reproductive system using traditional foods, Indigemama womb massage, fertility herbs, supplements, energy work, and meditation.

Womb Wellness

Step into your highest self using your sacred center to create what you deserve. Cultivate wellness in your reproductive system using traditional foods, herbalism, supplements, energy work, self womb massage, and meditation.  Ignite your sensual energy and start living your best life.

Conscious Fertility

Fertility charting, demystifying your menstrual cycle, and implementing a natural birth control system while supporting the sacred womb.

Pregnancy Coaching

Holistic pregnancy guidance covers important birthing practices, traditional nutrition; prenatal parenting; healing relationships; comfort techniques; ritual; and other time tested practices for a vibrant pregnancy, transformative birth, and gentle postpartum.

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