A 5-DAY CHALLENGE in reclaiming generational wealth

Legacy Challenge

At this event, you’ll come up with your best self-sustaining online offering, without wasting hours in front of a screen by simply following my four-step framework so that you heal from burnout + live the abundant life you deserve.

October 27 – 31, 2022
at 5PM PST | 8PM EST | 7PM CST

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F*ck a Seat at the Table. Be a Threat.



Every time you attend a live challenge, you will have a ticket to join the raffle and get a chance to have a free pass to the Embodied Enterprise Program.


Is This You (be honest)?

Then this 5-DAY CHALLENGE is for you!

What To Expect?


Heal from Burnout

First things first. Make the internal transformation necessary for you to go out and get what you deserve.


Declare Your Don + Thrive

Allow your divine purpose to guide you every step of the way for an authentic offering that maintains the integrity of your medicina as you move it online.


What to Offer?

Save time coming up with ideas for your online offering by doing exactly what I do to create a fruitful online offering that’s POWERFUL, super easy to package, price, + sell.


Technology Blocks Have Nothing On Me

Shift your mindset from tech barriers to learning what actually impacts your offering. Learn the 3 Ps that every entrepreneur needs in order to create a sustainable online offering.


Put Yourself Out There

Create the building blocks of your online offering and finalize what it will actually look like for you to serve your people online. Discern which form it will take on and FEEL GOOD about how you’ll deliver your content.

My goals for you

Cultivate peace of mind by following my four step process for creating the building blocks of your most fruitful online offering.

Save your valuable time by implementing my low effort, easy strategies for musing, packaging, + marketing your digital product.

Make the internal transformation necessary for you to get what you deserve through embodied action + communal movimiento.


Piyali. I’m Panquetzani (she/her),

I’m a traditional healer who helps BIPOC achieve sovereignty in their lives using el poder de ancestral healing online + IRL. I’m not about the short-term capitalist tendency of competition. I want to see you THRIVE beside me, so that our impact reaches far beyond you and I, to generations backward + forward. I see us collectively shifting the narratives of our peoples + creating ethical indigenous-centered infrastructures designed for our healing, wellness, + liberation.

I was born into a matriarchal family of healers from the valley of Mexico (Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, y Tlaxcala), La Comarca Lagunera (Durango + Coahuila), + Zacatecas. I’ll never forget the stories my abuelas told me of my tatarabuelas being well respected + deeply LOVED community doctoras who healed others using their hands, herbs, ritual, + traditional foods. Through the stories of my grandmothers, + through receiving their potent medicina first-hand, I found myself in an informal apprenticeship learning skills that would serve my entire life + the lives of thousands.

In 2013, I took a trust fall with the universe by taking my traditional teachings ONLINE. With one swipe of a button, I transcended borders, making my sacred trabajo accessible worldwide. Migrating online changed my life forever. My online offerings opened up time for me as a very busy single mother. It helped me move out of my mom’s house + get rid of debt that kept me in survival mode. After two years of selling online courses, I finally earned enough for our big move. 


We bought our first home with a huge avocado tree. We built an outdoor oasis: with a garden, outdoor kitchen, + temazcal. Expanding into the digital realm propelled the sustainable ecosystem of my LIFE, relationships, + micro-business. Today, my online school, Indigescuela honors my roots by funding 30% of its students for FREE + donation-based. I have the CAPACITY TO GIVE more than I ever could as a struggling, burnt out mama. And with less effort. 


Indigescuela is now home to more than 4,000 BIPOC healers + change makers. Thousands more have moved through Indigescuela to create + enhance their own liberatory education, products, services, + practices. 


Not everyone has the privilege of creating an online offering. 

Our siblings experience tech, financial, + time barriers. As mamas + parents, capitalism harms us by keeping us from tending to projects that will help us GROW + FLOURISH. IF you do have the privilege of migrating online, then I want to hold you the whole way through, so that you make the most of your opportunity.

Palabra from Your Kin


Mama Sin Vergüenza, LLC

“I went from shaming it to claiming it! I am more confident in selling my services and I am able to feel grounded in their true value.

I never really counted myself as an entrepreneur before. And I hadn’t fully owned my gifts. Now I know I’m an entrepreneur and I am more fully standing in my poder.

I had a lot of stuck energy because of a year of cancer treatment prior to taking EE. I didn’t really know how to gracefully begin to hold space for others again but the process of EE allowed me to make that transition while feeling held and supported.
This course helped me birth the new iteration of Badass Belly Birthers into the online realm.

This course saved me the time, money, and effort of going to a typical business coaching program without true substance.
Thanks to EE I’ve been able to show up more fully to speak my truth instead of only sharing what seems palatable to others.

I love the communidad of EE and seeing all of those BIPOC entrepreneurs ready to thrive gives me a lot of hope for the future.

I would say, quit hesitating, you know you’re going to do it so don’t worry and jump in.
Just thank you to the whole team”

Celeste Guerra

Energia Celestial

“I thought my review was long overdue, but my journey wasn’t complete. And actually, it won’t ever be and that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Quickly into the course, I thought to myself, wow I’m really, actually doing this. This must be what it’s like to give birth. You know what you signed up for in terms of the final product – I’m going to have a baby (I’m going to create an online offering), but you can’t see any details. As the birth gets closer, you’re in shock – wow this is actually going to happen, like for real. You start to get nervous and question yourself all while being super excited. You might even delay the birth due to fear. But then, when it’s truly time to release it into the world, you get a burst of energy and it somehow becomes easier. That’s where I am, seeing how the experience of EE with the beautifully supportive community truly prepared me for this life changing journey that’s not going to end, but continue evolving.

I’m so grateful I listened to my curiosity and got to be a part of EE. Thank you.”



“I have been wanting to learn from Panquetzani for awhile and wholeheartedly feel this was divine timing.

Meeting the rest of the Indigemama team and learning alongside the EE cohort was the most affirming thing I could have done for myself and our De Corazon team. I feel that this course heightened my ability to receive affirmation from others and to see the awe I see in others as a reflection of the awe others see in me more clearly. It has really helped me remove the paliacate from my eyes around what building sustainable economies can be for us as BIPOC healers taking up online space and I feel that Creator has truly opened a way for us to build on the dreams of the Tlamatini, mentors, maestrxs, that paved the way for us in ways that they couldn’t even have dreamed of.

This makes me get super emotional knowing that we have the tools, healing, communities and abilities to create much more fertile grounds that are economically stable and healthy for our children and our descendants to thrive in.

I can’t even imagine what they will create due to us doing this work together but I know it’s important, necessary and magical.

Eternally grateful to this bountiful Red Road for allowing us to walk together on this journey for our sovereignty!!”

I'm ready to take on the challenge!

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