Healing is here.
Reclaim the life you deserve.
Welcome to your destiny.

Piyali, I’m Pānquetzani!

With my hands + through the guidance of mis ancestros, I help you heal your womb, liberate your body, + reclaim your destiny.

Healing is for everyone.

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Join thousands of healers, parents, and entrepreneurs in the leading online school for ancestral healing. Indigescuela is an international community of women + folks dedicated to holistic sexual health, traditional healing, self sustainability, liberation, + womb wellness.

Your womb is your sacred center.
In your core, la matriz, lies every aspect of your life.
By letting go and by healing your wounds,
you can finally reconnect with the Divine + Earth.

Reclaim your womb vitality and master your sensual energy.

Your destiny is in your healing.

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