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A sobada de matriz, commonly referred to as a sobada in Mexican Spanish, is translated as ‘womb massage’. During a womb massage, your reproductive organs are palpated and adjusted to release tension, align your reproductive organs and hips, and clear stagnation.  Using deep external pressure and massage oil, time-tested sobada techniques are applied to bring the feminine core into alignment.  Sobadas were practiced by Doctors (the Ticitl) in ancient Mesoamerica, and are still a part of lifetime well-woman care in traditional communities throughout Mexico and Central America. Its practitioners, or sobadoras, traditionally learn through apprenticeship and disseminate this healing art to their communities.

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In Mesoamerican medicine, we believe that any prolapsed organ directly affects your health. Your physical and non-physical bodies are inseparable. If you have a dropped womb (matriz caida), this causes a wide array of feminine issues- infertility, indigestion, lower back pain, tiredness, headaches, painful menses, etc. On a metaphysical level, you may experience lack of nurturing or self-love, mental fog, lack of concentration or follow-through, feel numbness or disconnectedness from your lower body, and have low success with manifestations coming to fruition. A sobada brings your body and energy back to homeostasis so that you can create with the animistic force of your womb.

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Sobadas are not for you if you have internal birth control, active uterine cancer, are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have recently had surgery, or if your intuition advises against it.

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First, your Indigemama Womb Massage practitioner will review your womb story, ask basic questions and discuss your intention for the sobada.  She will smudge and spiritually cleanse you to help ground the session and go deeper into yourself. Your sobadora will guide you through diaphragmatic breathing and perform the abdominal spiral to warm your matriz and relax your ligaments.  Your entire abdominal area will be palpated to assess the placing of your womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Your Indigemama sobadora can feel any blockage in the colon, abdominal congestion, and pelvic tension. She will share what she feels physically and energetically as she communicates with your womb space to facilitate deep healing.  You will be guided into a grounding meditation, through a womb clearing and resetting, and will learn energy work for moving detrimental energy from your body. Indigemama Sobada sessions end with a cerrada de caderas (closing of the hips), to seal in the changes energetically and physically. Your womb massage practitioner will cleanse and smudge herself, the space, and you, welcoming your physical and energetic womb home.

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Make sure you come in when you are not menstruating.  Wear comfortable clothing like loose sweat shorts and a t-shirt (you also have the option of removing your outer clothes).  Bring a canteen or water bottle to make sure you are hydrated after your sobada. Have a light, nourishing meal no sooner than 20 minutes before coming in. Prepare to abstain from alcohol, drugs, heavy lifting, or having penetrative sex for three days following your sobada. Remember that each person may have different detoxifying reactions to sobadas. If you feel like sleeping, sleep. If you feel emotional, let the tears roll. Stay neutral to whatever comes up for you during each Indigemama sobada and let it go.

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There’s no way to tell you if it will be painful. Each person has a unique perception of what pain is. Everyone has a different womb, different physical and emotional experiences.  For some folks, cupping and adjusting your womb when it’s out of place can be a bit uncomfortable the first time. For some women, the pain triggers traumas in the area and allows release. They may cry. Not from pain, but from releasing detrimental energy. And maybe the pain, too. Then there’s the women who are aroused as you stir up sensual energy and allow it to spiral throughout the body. This sexiness experiences no pain, just pleasure and ecstatic states of consciousness. Others may feel pleasure the whole time, until it’s time to adjust, and then they feel a bit of pressure, or describe it as, “good pain”. My first sobada made me mad, it was anger that I was releasing from my feminine core. Sometimes, the emotional reactions are bigger than the physical ones.  My best advice is to trust your intuition on whether or not this is for you, then follow through with your adventure fearlessly.

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Amazing. For the most part. As one of my mentors used to say, “Cada quien es su organismo”- each person is their own organism. Some folks feel out of this world and walk off barefoot with blank smiles. Others stand tall, grounded in their bodies, clear-headed and focused. Some feel like they have awakened from a deep sleep. Others feel relaxed, ready for a nap. There are women who feel ultra sensual, and others ready to jog in aloneness. Many women comment that things are “placed like they should be” after a sobada.  Whether you feel deeply rooted into the earth, or light and flighty, you are experiencing your process as it needs to unfold.

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If you had have surgical removal of any part of your reproductive system, womb massage can help prevent scar tissue, tone the abdominal area, reduce inflammation and bloating, and facilitate digestion. It can break up adhesions, release tension in your diaphragm and pelvic floor and cleanse your colon. Sobadas help stimulate womb energy, allowing you to call your womb soul back into your body- even without a physical womb.

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Your sacred womb, or uterus supports your bladder, bowel, pelvic bones, and abdominal organs.  She separates your bladder and bowels.  Your uterus helps regulate blood pressure, secretes hormones during pregnancy, and is connected to your ovaries, fallopian tubes, and entire pelvic floor. Your core being, feminine essence, and creative energy are concentrated in your womb space.  Your womb is the strongest muscle in your body. She is cleansing, resilient, powerful, and an intricate part of long-term feminine health.


Your matriz (womb) is the organ that creates, sustains, protects and nourishes life.  Your Matriz transports life from the sacred realm into our realm, Earth. She is the only channel to Tlalticpac, Mother Earth and is our sacred center. She is the center of the universe, perched perfectly in between the heavens and the underworld.  Most of us don’t become acquainted with our wombs until pregnancy, when a natural womb awakening occurs.
In utero, your womb, ovaries, and eggs are being formed in the womb of your mother. An intimate physical connection, a sacred vine, flowery rope materializes. You are connected to your mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and so on, via this womb connection.  Imagine how much deeper the connection, if we maintained our womb awareness from birth. Connecting with your own Matriz  is to connect with the wombs of your foremothers.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How do I know I have a matriz caida (fallen womb)?” style=”square” color=”orange” size=”sm”]

You are your own organism. Each woman experiences a fallen womb differently. Here is a list of some common signs:

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Expect a response with proposed meeting day(s) within 3-5 business days. Usually, Indigemama will book you 3-7 days in advance, depending on both party’s availability. If your Indigemama womb massage practitioner is out of town, you will be notified.

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Yes! I offer a variety of distance sessions (click here to read more). We can talk via phone or Zoom. You may also take some of Indigemama’s online courses or invite me as a guest to your community.

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Click here to learn everything you need to know about hosting Indigemama in your community.

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Absolutely. Adults, infants and young children who receive sobadas, or abdominal/stomach massage benefit by releasing tension, promoting digestion and bowel movements, reducing gastric upsets and colic, and promoting sleep. Masculine sensual energy is stimulated as his prostate is massaged, stress is released, and pressure and bloating are reduced.