Matriz y Concha: Self-Care Womb Intensive

March 23-24, 2019 10 am – 4 pm


Matriz y Concha

Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self-Womb Care is a 2-day, 14-hour intensive teaching womb wellness practices for enhancing your feminine vitality. This hands-on course offers you practical tools for reproductive health inspired by Mesoamerican, Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) and modern holistic teachings, under guidance from a seasoned expert.

You will learn:

*Self-womb massage basics

*How to safely and efficiently blend, prepare, and use vaginal steam baths

*Herbs for Womb Wellness throughout your life and menstrual cycle

*How to apply castor oil packs

*Essential oils and herbal extracto oil blends for reproductive health

*Wombwell nutrition

*About sexuality and gender from a native perspective

*The true history and uses of a rebozo for womb health and grounding

*Womb clearing and activating meditations, visualizations, and daily affirmations

*How to use your womb to reach higher states of consciousness, manifest, and own your feminine power

Great for: Midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas, healers, cultural workers, mothers, organizers, natural health practitioners, wellness coaches, holistic doctors, life coaches, and self-defined women of all ages (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).

Interchange: $410 ($110 non-refundable deposit, $300 CASH at the door)


Always feel free to bring your nurslings!