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Embodied Enterprise – a 3-Month course in creating a digital product.

What is

Embodied Enterprise?

Embodied Enterprise is a three month course for conscious healers seeking to expand their offerings into the digital realm in alignment with their sacred, connected practice, and community-guided offerings. In this course we’ll get into the details and logistics as well as the ritual and ceremony of creating and framing the digital product/service of your dreams that heals your community AND sustains you in abundance and ease. Join us today to begin Expanding Tus Manos into the Digital Realm.

This is 12 weeks of calls, with an extended 3 months of access to the curriculum.

By the end of EE you’ll have an online offering ready for sale, which opens up space in your life to focus on what really matters. Never feel tied to a job again, feel invested in your calling. Be present with your family without letting financial stress ruin the moment. Make autonomous decisions from an empowered place, knowing that you’re building generational wealth. EE is a resource for you, your precious babies, and for generations to come.

Tell me, is this you?

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The 12-week Live Experience for BIRTHING your Most POWERFUL Online Offering so that you Can Reclaim Your Time, Joy, + Autonomy.

Module 1: How to Create Services That Heal Your People

Module 2: How to Ideate a DOPE AF Offering That Actually Heals

Module 3: Create an Online Offering That Uplifts You

Module 4: Easily Outline Your Chingonx Offering

Module 5: Refine Your Chingonx Offering

Module 6: Gather, Harvest, + Create What’s Inside (assets)

Module 7: Your Final Draft Before Your Sales Page

Module 8:Polishing Tus Palabras Poderosas

Module 9:Extending My Open Hands Into Your Heart

Module 10: Where to Host your Offering

Module 11: Extending tus Manos into the Digital Realm

Module 12: GIFTS FOR YOU


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Save $789! Plus…Get access to Learn the Pinche Internet Retreat and Pricing Workbook ($500 value)


who is this for?

Conscious, traditional healers who contribute to an alternative, regenerative economy with their BIPOC small independent business, so that they achieve self-sustainability + abundance

All genders + gender non- conforming folks ready to redefine the concepts of wealth + acquiring wealth

Brave, intelligent leaders on the cutting edge of modern day ancestral healing

Fun, talented bright BIQTPOC who are thought leaders rooted in social justice

Folks rooted in social justice, self care, community care, willing to put themselves out there

Hands on traditional healers ready to uplevel their work with digital products

BIPOC with an abundance mindset ready to put self care + community care into action through their enterprise

Motivated small business owners ready to earn money purposefully + with guidance

Elevated healers who need a push in the right direction, so that they can share their don, or gifts with the help of expert guidance

People who are ready to set themselves up for massive transformation

Folks who are excited to put in the work for the result they want

Anyone excited to embody alignment in purpose

Someone already doing this work who wants to EXPAND

Someone ready to jump in full throttle

Self-sourced creators

This Program is not for:

✘ Appropriators + their bffs
✘ Sell outs
✘ Capitalists
✘ Folks who want non-stop hand holding instead of being uncomfortable with growing + self directedness
✘ Folks insecure about learning new skills when it comes to writing, business, technology, or public speaking
✘ Folks afraid or unwilling to be vulnerable and critiqued in the brave space of community
✘ People still figuring out what you want to do or who they are/why there are here

✘ People not ready to put in the work
✘ Folks who think trusting your intuition is the last thing you should do
✘ Folks who don’t mind spending years learning through trial and error
✘ People who have a ton of energy to invest in doing things the long way, or hard way
✘ People who are satisfied with what they’re doing rn
✘ People who are not investing in healing their communities
✘ Folks who do NOT want to sell the product they create after they create them

Your Instructor


I’m Panquetzani (she/her),

I’m a traditional healer who helps other BIPOC healers achieve sovereignty in their lives without burning out or selling out, by showing them how to migrate their healing manos ONLINE.

I’m not about the short-term capitalist tendency of competition. I’m in it for the long-haul. I want to see you THRIVE beside me, so that our impact reaches far beyond you and I, to generations backward + forward. I see us shifting the narratives of our peoples + creating ethical indigenous-centered infrastructures designed for our healing, wellness, + liberation.

Achieve sovereignty in your lives, without burning out or selling out, by showing you how to create your most TRANSFORMATIVE online offering in only 12-weeks!

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Embodied Enterprise is a 12 week course that begins on November 10, 2022. You’ll have access to the student platform for five months, so that you can have time to review, relearn, + refine your project.

The only prerequisite is that you’re in integrity with practicing in person what you’ll be teaching online.

The course is $5,199. You can start at $499 if you choose a 12-month payment plan or $899 if you choose a 6-month payment plan. If you’re on the waitlist, keep checking your email for SPECIAL (limited time) pricing.

You don’t! I’ll guide you from start to finish on creating your product to offer by the end of ✨EE✨. If you already have a product you’re already (or planning on) offering, you’re welcome to enroll. I’ll provide you with more guidance in making it as successful, healing, powerful, and streamlined as you want it to be. LMK the goal of your online offering if you’re unsure, and I’ll tell you whether or not ✨Embodied Enterprise✨ can get you there. Email [email protected]

:sparkles:Embodied Enterprise:sparkles:is an online course.
If you’ve taken any other course through Indigescuela, then the layout of the course will be very similar. Beginning October 20th, you’ll have a weekly call on Thursdays, to go over the weekly theme. :sparkles:EE:sparkles:is broken down into modules that will be released on a weekly basis, every Monday beginning October 17th. You’ll gain access to the :sparkles:EE:sparkles:PRE-TRAINING modules once you enroll. This will give you time to prepare for:sparkles:EE:sparkles:. Each module will include worksheets that will be downloadable. Your weekly calls will be recorded + will be added to your student site on Fridays.

Yes. Think of your digital offering as an extension of the work you do + how you show up for your comunidad. But the trick is this: You HAVE to do it RIGHT! Creating a digital offering will GIVE YOU MORE time, space + ease to show up for your comunidad in person.

Due to the nature of this program there are NO REFUNDS. Once you’re in, it’s simple: Show up. Do the work.