Want to end postpartum suffering for black + brown families?

Learn 3 key traditions for postpartum healing

Cerrando Caderas Challenge

Join our movement to preserve + disseminate ancestral postpartum care so that we protect our babies + save our own lives.

Connect with postpartum traditions for 3 days, LIVE with me, Healer + Maestra, Pānquetzani (she/her). I’m a Pro at allowing my transformative ancestral body of knowledge to uplift me + those I touch, + now I’m holding the gate OPEN for YOU.

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3-day Cerrando Caderas Challenge

Starting (May 23-25, 2024 at 5PM PST)

Being a postpartum healer means you’re an advocate for BIPOC familias who are disproportionately dying because we’re exposed to racism without healing rituals to protect us or help us recover. Learn how to make a collective IMPACT while providing education + direct service to postpartum familias.


How to safely wrap a postpartum faja the first hours after birth, using a rebozo
How to prepare a soothing vaginal steam for the first 20 days after birth
Witness exactly how I perform the ritual cerrada de caderas (hip closing) on day 40

join us for three days of postpartum rituals

You’ll experience a collective learning journey alongside BIPOC healers. That’s a 4,500 year tradition of collective ancestral revival just for dropping your name below

May 23, 2024

+ will offer 3 healing rituals each day that preserve + protect postpartum familias.

If you’re dedicated to INDIGENOUS LEBERATION like me, then join us + win PRIZES just for showing up for this sacred trabajo.

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will win FREE ENTRY to my 6 month training, A Cerrar las Caderas: Reclaiming la Cuarentena (BIPOC only)

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Hey! I’m Panquetzani. I teach folks how to heal themselves using the power of la matriz. My biggest teachers are my abuelas, my ancestors, and my sharp AF intuition. My lineage comes from Nothern Mexico on my mom’s side, and Central Mexico on my dad’s side. Both lineages practice our uncut legacy of healing in two very distinct ways. I draw from both my maternal and paternal bodies of knowledge, as I am both traditions in the flesh.

I’ve been a community organizer since I was a 12 year old mocosa collecting concert donations at the huehuetero garden in East Los. As I grew older and came of age around revolutionary leaders, in ceremonia and on the front lines, I realized how womb wellness remained in obscurity. I saw chingonx women I fought for land justice with strong women en la lucha, forced to give up their bodily autonomy. The second they stepped into the birthing room, their radical ideology of liberation came to a halt. There was NO ONE doing what I do now, but I KNEW there had to be a better way. My ancestral memory guided me into my calling and I blossomed into who I am today.

Since 2008, I’ve taught over 100 live, in-person intensives, totaling more than 1,500 hours of live instruction. I’ve offered countless hours of free, donation based, + online education.

Since officially founding Indigemama in 2012, I’ve served as a traditional herbalist, healer, + birthkeeper, for my communities. I’ve personally touched over 3,000 wombs + bellies across three countries + two dozen cities, showing by example what it looks like to thrive in your calling and reclaim your body + destiny. I’m grateful that I get to serve you, and be a teacher of teachers, healer of healers, and mother of mothers.


*Trigger Warning: Infant + maternal mortality

Beautiful sibling,

I used to feel being a healer means that I need to carry the weight of the world on my back. If black and brown babies are dying, shouldn’t be I suffer too? My heart used to break (+ still mourns) knowing that black postpartum people are dying at a rate 4 times higher than yt women. Brown mamas like me have a 3 times higher likelihood than yt women to die of pregnancy/postpartum-related complications in the first year. 

It gets worse…

4 out of 5 of pregnancy + POSTPARTUM RELATED DEATHS ARE PREVENTABLE. What does that mean? We’re not just dying unnecessarily + disproportionately… mamas and babies are being killed.

When we know there’s something not right, instead of being believed, we’re gaslit by healthcare providers. Due to economic instability, a lot of us lack resources + preventative care

Even if BIPOC birthers have a high level of education, we’re still exposed to systemic racism which negatively impacts our mental + physical health despite our level of education.

Racism harms our babies in utero by lowering birth weight, causing babies to be born sickly, and often pre-term. This is a direct result of our legacy of wellness being squashed by racism + colonization.

After being a birth worker for 15 years, I haven’t seen the systemic change we need to protect black + brown babies.

I hope it’s clear for you…It’s time we save ourselves.

I can’t teach everyone for free all the time, but I can do my part. And so can you. I’m asking you + all of your downest camaradas to take this smallest step with me.

Learn the rituals my grandmothers blessed me with to heal my mother from a violent hospital birth. Learn the healing rituals mis abuelas performed for me after naturally birthing my 4 children. I know that traditional postpartum rituals save lives because I’m a living example of being birthed into the world violently, but coming home to ancestral postpartum care.

If we know who we are, we’re stronger.

When we provide healing directly after birth trauma, we’re more likely to recover.

If we belong to a community that cherishes la cuarentena, then our spirit is strong.

If we collectively learn the tiniest ways we can show up for postpartum people, then we can prevent relationships from suffering, or ending unnecessarily. 

We can help mamas + babies create the healthy bond that we all deserve, without anyone ever saying, “I wish I did that after giving birth”, or “I wish I knew you when I had my babies”.

I hope to see a traditional birth keeper on every block. I want us to work together to heal familias

And as we do our collective work, we heal generational trauma, and make postpartum suffering a thing of the past.

Preserve traditions. Reclaim la cuarentena. Come home to your ancestral body of knowledge. Our generation of babies  are waiting.

Here are the 3 topics I’ll go over during our 3 day Cerrando Caderas challenge.

How to safely wrap a postpartum faja the first hours after birth, using a rebozo

How to prepare a soothing vaginal steam for the first 20 days after birth

Witness exactly how I perform the ritual cerrada de caderas (hip closing) on day 40

y unas cosas mas

Mi amor,

If you want to reclaim la
cuarentena, you have to be
willing to surrender…



You have to lean into your don, or sacred calling. If your path led you here, then it’s your role to own your story by taking the next step.

Do what you need to do to join me LIVE starting May 23-25, 2024 at 5PM PST for my 3-Day Cerrando Caderas Challenge to learn from the most influential Traditional Postpartum trainer today…

In the past, I charged a fee for this challenge, but due to the state of fuckery we’re in, I said you know what… Imma do this free, do this loud, and Imma ask everyone who comes to help + heal at least one postpartum person. Collective action is my payment. And it will benefit us all.

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Ready to step into your calling as a THRIVING Postpartum Healer?

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