La matriz is a sacred channel where you connect with the Divine + Earth.

Maintaining balance with yourself, your family, + our Earth, you begin to heal your womb.

Panquetzani (she/her) breathes life into ancestral traditions, offering time-tested wellness practices, honoring the 4,500 year-old traditions of her foremothers + integrating her lifetime of study into her private practice + daily life. 

Panquetzani comes from a matriarchal family of folk healers from the valley of Mexico (Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, y Tlaxcala), La Comarca Lagunera (Durango + Coahuila), and Zacatecas. Hearing family narratives of her tatarabuelas doctoring their comunidades, and experiencing the healing of her abuelas first-hand led Panquetzani to trust in the innate wisdom of ancestral healing. Use of Indigenous knowledge has transformed + forever impacted her personal, family, + community well-being.

In 2007, Panquetzani decided to take her practice outside of her own lineage to serve her community. As a traditional herbalist, healer, and birthkeeper, Panquetzani has touched over 3,000 wombs + bellies spread across three countries + two dozen cities in the last twelve years.

Since 2012, as the foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, she has taught over 100 live, in-person intensives and trainings, totaling more than 1,500 hours of live instruction on healing and countless hours of free + online education on womb wellness. Today, Panquetzani has ushered over 8,000 BIPOC members through her online school, Indigescuela. On her days off, you’ll find Panquetzani feeding friends + getting into mischief with her guapo + 4 semillas.

Indigemama: Ancestral Healing

helps hundreds of people each year achieve optimal reproductive health. Led by Mexican Traditional Medicine, we have offered over three dozen workshops locally + internationally. Indigemama believes that mothers are bearers of culture + our first healers.
All human life comes through the uterus. An intimate connection with all of creation is maintained through this vessel. Indigemama honors this by helping you connect more deeply with yourself, your family, the Earth, and your womb. Through in-person healing and online apprenticeships, Indigemama aims to contribute to your holistic liberation. To date, Indigemama has assisted more than a thousand women in 11 different cities using womb healing and sobadas (womb massage), herbalism, traditional birth keeping, and Indigebusiness coaching.

Honor your sacred passageway—-your womb, la matriz.
Achieve vitality and
master your sensual energy.
Reclaim your intimate connection with the Divine + Earth through Ancestral Healing.
Find out which offering is best for your womb wellness.

Indigebusiness Coaching (online only)

1:1 Indigebusiness coaching

Work through blocks that are preventing self-sustainability + ease. Make space in your conscious business for freedom and community upliftment.

Keynote Speeches + Interviews

Please download my media kit and email [email protected] for details.

Work with me in person

Sobadas de Matriz (Womb/Visceral Manipulation)

Indigemama Sobadas renew your whole being, and supercharge your sexual vitality. Sobadas are a traditional Mesoamerican remedio for infertility, painful periods, back bain, hip pain, PMS, bloating, and indigestion.

Traditional Birthwork

I honor la cuarentena with you y tu familia through providing the ritual closing of hips, vaginal steaming, rebozo body work, traditional healing foods, and sipping on postpartum tea for 40 days.

Indigemama Products

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Join my waitlist to make indigemama history + be a part of my product launch.

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Indigemama's mission


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Bianca Tema Mercado
ACLC, 2013

It is with a heart and hips full of gratitude that I thank Panquetzani Ticitl [of Indigemama], for giving me the gift of pain relief. Yesterday was the FIRST TIME I had my hips properly closed. Today, I woke up and noticed that there’s a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in my hip pain. Tonight I will be showing my daughters how to close me with the rebozo.

Nena Ramirez
Vegan Chef
ACLC 2017

ACLC is the POC Postpartum course with the best maestra a birth worker can ask for, Panquetzani Ticitl aka Indigemama: Ancestral Healing. We NEED MORE BIRTH WORKERS OF COLOR utilizing this traditional postpartum care. ACLC will help enrich your practice on a profound level, and if you are willing to PUT IN THE WORK, it can give you the CONFIDENCE you need to build your practice. The building your postpartum business at the end was CRUCIAL in learning to OWN YOUR WORTH.

Maria Lozano
ACLC 2019

ACLC is journey that will add to yourself and your tool kit. Your tools will not be visible to others because YOU WILL GAIN STRENGTH in your intuition, and skills. You NEED ACLC in yo life, boo!

Daniella Montoya
Sex Educator
ACLC 2017, 2020

The history of Tlazoteotl was SUPER POWERFUL. The work around business and money trauma is so IMPORTANT  for us! It’s a big one. And of course, the process of the entire sequence of the ACLC ceremonia during the postpartum visits were the most vital pieces for me. It is worth every penny! If your body is moving toward it, TAKE THE LEAP. Don’t let your mind analyze away this beautiful opportunity

Community organizer
ACLC 2017

A Cerrar las Caderas is a COMADRE IN OUR JOURNEYS with ancestor medicine and a camino into our collective womb. Panquetzani​ shares her ancestor wisdom with humility and integrity, like the ancestors would want it. Her mezcla of plant, rebozo + massage medicine during the postpartum experience is not only a BLESSING, pero a DIVINATION of what a modern tribe looks, feels and LOVES YOU like. I breathe gratitude to Panquetzani. Your wisdom carries my practice, and carries us into liberation.

Melody Gonzalez
ACLC 2017

You won’t regret it! This is the best and most complete postpartum training.

Kati Lombrera
Retail Banking
ACLC 2020

Panquetzani holds space as a teacher in such a BEAUTIFUL and humble way, honoring the generations before her in how she teaches and how she holds space for sharing these teachings. Whether you are on the path to RECLAIMING your own ancestral traditions or EXPANDING your scope as a traditional birthworker, Panquetzani offers a loving hand in A Cerrar Las Caderas to guide folks along in their journey to REMEMBERING and RECLAIMING this crucial part of the birth ceremony.

Karen Culpepper

I just wanted to share with you both how beautiful my cycle was this month. I say, it was because the wonderful space that you both held during the class in DC AND the private womb work.  my cycle is always beautiful and reflective.  in the past few months (say 6 months or so) they had been so painful.  like must take herbal tincture + heating pad.  this last go round.  i had spotting the day before and my cycle started immediately. painfree!  shorter than usual.  so i hope that my testimony is not only one of many, but AFFIRMS how necessary it is for you both…for us all… to continue to do the work and share the wisdom of the ancestors/mothers/wise women.  a deep bow to you both.

Marisol Garcia
Childbirth Educator
ACLC 2016

A Cerrar las Caderas was one of the best things I could have done. Not only to further my EDUCATION for my Doula Practice, but also for my INNER SELF. The knowledge I gained helped bring me closer to my culture and my abuelas. It was the medicine for my soul I didn’t know was needed at the time. ACLC has given me the CONFIDENCE to stay true to my work & my culture. It has been very rewarding to be able to bring all of this knowledge to my clients and community. Plus, I’ve created friendships with the amazing women who took the course with me that I know will last a lifetime. This was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED to ground me as a birth worker and madre!

Raeanne Madison
Mom, Teacher
ACLC 2017

Closing the ceremony of birth with traditional foods: This truly cemented what I’ve always known– but couldn’t articulate before that moment, and it has become the FOUNDATION of how I myself teach and provide care. Raise whatever funds you need to make this happen. YOUR ANCESTORS ARE CALLING YOU and this is a historic moment for your lineage. Step into your calling.

Cayetone Figueroa
Lactation Consultant
ACLC 2020

My biggest goal was to learn more, so that I can best support my children when they one day become parents. I am RECLAIMING ALL THAT HAS BEEN LOST. My daughters will be supported. Invest in yourself and invest in your family. If you have heard the voices calling you, TAKE THE LEAP. Your experience will be sacred and heartfelt.

Cosmetologist, LA

Matriz y Concha was my first workshop it was the first step in allowing myself to step out of my comfort zone! To listen to my wombs calling of self care not only for myself but for future generations. I first allowed myself to have sobadas by Panquetzani for dropped womb the balance brought by aligning my body showed me that I can and I am worthy of anything I want/yearn for! The knowledge in this workshop has helped me learn that self care can transform many generations!

Psychic, NYC

My BABY is a living testimony of Panquetzani’s work!


“I had no idea our culture was so rich in these traditions! I REALLY got in touch with my womb”.


I felt the sensation of being deep within myself

Past M+C participant

“The awkwardness is fading away.”


“I felt like crying. But it was a good cry.”


I’ve gotta be honest, all of the fermentations are so amazing. I wasn’t expecting so many beautiful recipes going into this course and I really fell in love with them. The level of detail gone into in the instructions, whether it be a recipe or a sobada procedure. I really appreciated the thorough details provided; second best to in-person, hands-on learning, for sure!

Los Angeles

I had no idea I could change my insides to feel more healthy.


Matriz y Concha was one of the most liberating, loving experiences in my whole life.

Food Educator, LA

I found it difficult to put these healing experiences into words, your teachings and stories are priceless. I honor and respect everything you have shared and represent. 

Your ceremonies have  evoked my inner abuelitas. 

Matrizyconcha brought my womb to life. Not only have I been able to practice baños, sobadas, herbal blends on my self, my partner y mi niños. I have also been able to share with mi mama, mi hermanas y mi primas and comunidad. The ripple effect is infinite. This course has brought healing in so many ways. M+C is repairing wombs past/present/future. Forever great full to indigemama. To panquetzani. To her unbroken lineage. 

Tlazocamati 💚

Long Beach

Usually, I make my vagina look good for my partner. But what I REALLY needed was THIS. It doesn’t need a trim or anything!

Los Angeles

“Matriz y Concha is the gift that keeps on giving because I’m still using what I learned.”


“When i signed up, I didn’t know what to expect or what was in store, and I received much more than I anticipated. We went deep with our wombs and it was quite profound.”

Midwife, CA

Brujas, come learn from the brilliant Panquetzani!

It’s been over 7 years that I took Matriz y Concha and it’s been such an ABUNDANT JOURNEY.


Thank you so much!!! I love the feeling of a faja!!! You know, my great grandma was a native Mexican woman. She had a very difficult and painful life and died very young, before I was born, when my mother was very small. I feel that through you… I am learning about things that my great grandmother would have wanted to teach my mom, but could not since she passed at such an early age. I love what you teach. It’s life-changing. Thank you


“It was more than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to go back and share…”


“Everything about M+C was like a new piece of candy, waiting to be unwrapped. The amount of love that ooozzzeeed out of this course was chef’s kiss so so so abundant, so much knowledge, so grateful, thank you! Loved all sections, but the yerbas + castor + food sections were my favs. If you’re a birth worker, you need this course PERIODT


“Thank you, forever grateful to have learned and continue to learn from you!!! Matriz y Concha forever changed me, and I’m still just scratching the surface of all the knowledge shared for womb healing and care!!”


“First off, I loved Panquetzani’s storytelling teaching style. It helped me to absorb the information so much better, and many of the stories were very emotionally touching. All of the information was truly gold from the heart. You can’t find ANYTHING like this by doing a google search of the topics lol.”