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¡A Cerrar las Caderas!
MTM for Postparutm

Become a traditional postpartum birth worker!  Enhance your professional skills, deepen your knowledge about postpartum recovery, and use your understanding of Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) to support families during the crucial 40-day period, or cuarentena. Students have instant access to the A Cerrar las Caderas (ACLC) training manual, online videos, and self-study supplements upon enrollment. This online apprenticeship is offered wherever you are. We meet monthly via distance, for nine months of online mentorship, support, check-ins, and community building (please see dates at indigescuela.com).  Participants are added to our exclusive online forum for additional resources, guidance, accountability, and inspiration.

Our 9 modules progressively delve deeper into learning about yerbas, traditional foods, ancestral bodywork, your womb, and your professional practice as a postpartum practitioner serving Indigenous and POC communities.  By culmination, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, support, and community base to launch your own practice as an ACLC Postpartum Practitioner.

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$999 investment.
6 monthly payments of $188


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Self Womb Massage

Our core being, feminine essence, and creative energy are concentrated in our womb space. Resilient, powerful and sustaining, our reproductive organs and pelvic floor are an intricate part of long term health. Womb massage preserves our vitality, energy and is a catalyst for creating, healing and cleansing. This ancient art enhances digestion, decreases bloating and weight gain around the abdomen, renews reproductive circulation, and tones the pelvic floor. Regular practice supports hormone balance, womb alignment, well-being, relaxation, and self-empowerment.

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Matriz y Concha:
Lifelong Self Womb Care

Practice Mesoamerican and urban indigenous feminine self-care and womb healing. Learn: Herbs for womb wellness Basic Self-womb massage How to apply castor oil packs How to prepare and use vaginal steam baths Essential oils for reproductive health Sexuality and feminine health from a native perspective The true history and uses of a rebozo for feminine vitality Womb clearing and activating meditations, visualizations, and affirmations Wombwell Nutrition Receive: Instructional videos PDF documents with details, notes, resources, tips, recipes, and instruction.

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Matriz Caida:
Reactivating Your Womb

A perfect introductory class for those interested in the power of the matriz sagrada, the detrimental effects of la matriz caida, and how to recognize whether or not you are manifesting from the self-renewing energetic unit of the womb. These two videos come with PDF instructions, and two activities for further connecting with your matriz. 53 minutes. HD Two videos 9 page PDF

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I recently purchased the online self womb massage course, Sobadas from Indigemama.
I’m pleased to have this informative package in my arsenal for self-healing and exploration. Thank you, Indigemama!
~ Odessa Thornhill, ND. Montreal, Canada.