In 2008, during my first pregnancy, I envisioned my ideal doula. Despite being well-connected in my community and doing hours of research, I failed to find a doula I connected with. I wanted someone honest, grounded, down to earth, light and funny, intuitive and skilled at her art. I imagined finding a peer, a sister who could guide and support me during my journey. Seven years later, here I am, being the doula I would have liked for myself.

My approach is simple. I am here as a gentle guide, a professional resource and a neutral support person. I appreciate self-directed women who rely on themselves for research and information. I also love to provide resources, present research and share my experience with you. Relying on yourself is crucial, because in the end, it is your baby and birth, and your choices must be made on your own solid understanding and reasoning.

Reminiscing about my pregnancy, I do wish I had had more support, but there is a middle ground: We need to empower ourselves as childbearing women. No doula or educator can empower you.
I can contribute to your empowerment by supporting you, but ultimately learning self-empowerment is entirely your own beautiful journey. I trust in your intelligence, intuition and capacity for being present in your childbearing experience. Let’s talk more about what that looks like!

Full Spectrum Doula Services

Includes All Doula Services:

Birth | Postpartum | Placenta Preparation | Placenta Prints



Two prenatal visits, childbirth, and two visits postpartum. Includes and new mother support, ritual cerrada de caderas and acomodada at 40 days postpartum. $2,000.



Includes support directly after birth, three days of Mexican Traditional postpartum care: Baños, teas; caldos; atoles; sobadas; and the ritual Cerrada de Caderas y acomodada de matriz, after the cuarentena (40 day period). Breastfeeding, rebozo wearing, infant pottying and mother vitality support also offered. $2,000.

Placenta Preparation

Pills, smoothies, jerky, main dishes, or powder. Will pick up placenta on-call after birth. $250-. Special rate for FULL SPECTRUM doula clients: $75.

Placenta Prints

Includes a poster-sized recycled paper for adequate printing. For postpartum and Placenta Preparation clients only. $50.


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Panquetzani’s guidance throughout my pregnancy was so special.  She encouraged me to write in my womb journal and to my baby and always had great advice on nutrition and any issues that came along the way.  My body was especially grateful for the rebozo massages.  I also followed her advice to write my own birth affirmations and those were so crucial the days before giving birth.  In one conversation, early on, Panquetzani asked me how I thought my sister’s death would affect me while giving birth.  I had not thought about that.  She asked me to think about how I had coped with her passing.  I told her about how I held back so many emotions.  Panquetzani reminded me that when giving birth, I could not be thinking about being strong for others.  I needed to be strong for myself and my baby and I would need to be able to communicate what I was feeling. I have a lot of trust in Panquetzani’s guidance, and ancient knowledge about birth and herbs.

You can read my birth story HERE.


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