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Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self-Womb Wellness began in February, 2012 as a three-day intensive for Indigenous, Xicanx, and POC folks to learn practical tools for self-care based on holistic and Mexican Traditional Medicine. Since 2012, Matriz y Concha has traveled to 13+ cities multiple times, and cultivated hundreds of relationships with womb healing communities across borders.

Indigemama weaves together the voices, faces, and collective movement we’re co-creating by teaming up with the wisdom + expertise of former M&C students to bring you 30+ hours of tools for healing + wellness.  Join 20+ workshops, presentations, and master classes during our FREE online summit.  

FREE enrollment closes February 15, 2018.

Celebrate 5 years of Matriz y Concha

  February 5th-15th, 2018

Keynote (120 mins)

10-12 PST

12-2pm CST

1-3 EST

Second session (60 mins)

5-6pm PST

7-8pm CST

8-9pm EST

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February 5-15, 2018


20+ presentations on Self-Love + Self-Preservation, Pregnancy, Birth +Postpartum, Yerbas + Ancestral Healing
20 hours of master classes
10 hours of workshops + presentations
Access for viewing and replay (until 4/15)
1 Bonus Video

*FREE Enrollment ENDS February 15, 2018



Starts February 5, 2018

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+Over 100 pages of downloadable content, recipes, guides, workbooks, slideshows, and e-books
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+ 40 hours of material
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+ Exclusive content from teachers, brujx, traditional healers, and experts in the fields of Self Love + Self Preservation, Pregnancy, Birth, + Postpartum, Yerbas + Ancestral Healing
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Keynote Speakers

Summit Presenters

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Maria Teresa Rivera, Student Midwife

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Sylvia La Loba Loca, Yerbetera

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Tekoa Weatherton, Birth Worker

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Angelica Tonatzin, Yoga Teacher

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Paola Giraldo, CNM

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Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, RN

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Marlha Sanchez, Educator

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Gabrielle Zalina, Cosmetologist

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Viviana Adams

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Melody Gonzalez, BA

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Daniela Montoya-Barthelemy, MPH

Pay homage to collective wellness, conscious community-building, and indigenous resilience in the form of radical self-care + self-love during the Matriz y Concha Online Summit.